Aug. 8th, 2011 09:56 pm
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In case any of you HP fans out there missed it, Kevin Smith's Smodcast did an episode devoted to Deathly Hallows Part 2 (it's episode 180 here), and OMG -- it's freaking hilarious!

It's basically Kevin and his friend Scott Mosier going scene by scene through the movie and riffing on everything. They seem to be stoned, which makes it even better. Though they get a lot of canon details wrong (you'll want to correct them a lot, but just go with it) and keep doing this annoying Russell Brand accent when trying to sound British, it's a crazy funny listen.

There is an astonishing amount of slash and adult-oriented content in the podcast, I have to say. Kevin Smith is just cool that way, but I almost lost it in the grocery store listening to this. Here are a few spoilers/enticements... )

Anyway, I recommend it! :-D
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[ profile] clara_swift posted this link, and I thought it was really useful: List of British words not widely used in the United States.

Some examples that were new to me:

bunk off: (informal) to play truant from school (US: play hooky)
loudhailer: megaphone (US: bullhorn)
marrow, vegetable marrow: a gourd-like fruit (treated as a vegetable) (US: squash)
pushchair: forward-facing baby carriage (US: stroller)
zebra crossing: (zebra rhymes with Deborah) pedestrian street crossing marked with broad white stripes (US: crosswalk)

There are also some links at the top of that page to interesting-looking related pages, like List of American words not widely used in the United Kingdom and List of words having different meanings in British and American English.
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Anyone else getting random spam comments on two-year-old entries? I screen all anon comments, so I'm not sure what the point is.

I meant to mention this last week:

W00t!! In addition to that, Surrender the Grey was nominated for a Quills award. :-D Nominations are still open until February 28, so please go nominate your favorite fics!
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As posted by [ profile] clara_swift:

It is not what you would expect to see when you take your children on a Sunday outing to the natural history museum: a giant photograph of one male giraffe humping another, or two whales sparring with giant penises. This, however, is Norway, where — for better or worse — the normal rules do not apply.

I love these sorts of stories because they just reinforce what I already believe about the nature of sexuality. After reading the many negative comments on the article, though, I can't help but wonder what impact such an exhibit would have on people who believe homosexuality is a choice/sin/abomination. I mean, we already know such folks won't be persuaded by science or logic -- their beliefs are held very centrally, and beliefs are incredibly difficult to change. Maybe stories like this only reinforce their beliefs, as indicated in some of those comments.

What do you think? Would this sway any of the bigots you know?
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1. [ profile] slashcast episode 11 is up here! Featuring a GLBT news update from [ profile] phaballa; a meta discussion on movie vs. book canon with [ profile] charlotteschaos, [ profile] kerryblaze, and [ profile] scarah2; a fandom opinion segment by [ profile] stepps; and the first part of my interview with [ profile] henry_jenkins. w00t!

2. MDH and I spent several nights this last week watching TV news shows, and for the first time in years, it was kind of fun. The Republicans are scrambling, and I'm enjoying watching it. They've become the party of warmongers, pedophiles, and meth-taking homophobic closet case religious nuts. Bush is having to go to areas where the Republicans have strongholds in a last-ditch attempt to hang onto his base. Democrats have a real chance of winning seats in places where they were more likely to have been lynched a year ago. I'm too cynical to be hopeful yet, but I'm kind of looking forward to Tuesday.

3. I am making progress on writing my holiday exchange fics, yay!

4. Made dulce de leche from scratch last night. And poured it over homemade vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm...
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The thing that really amazes about fandom is that there are so many wonderful people out there who are willing to devote tremendous amounts of time to doing things for others that don't necessarily put themselves in the spotlight. One of those is translating fics.

There are several translations of my fics going on right now, and I want to publicly thank the translators and point the links out to anyone who might be interested. Some of these are in progress and I'm not sure what the status of the work is, but I thought I'd list them anyway. :-)

Updated 12/12/07

List of translations )
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I'm a huge fan of Avenue Q, and after seeing it again recently, I began to wonder how much they would change when the musical moved to London. (It's just opened in the West End, I think.) There are so many distinctly American (not to mention New York) references in it that I wondered how it would play. Would it have to be mercilessly Britpicked?

As it turns out, the producers worried about this as well, but in the end, they didn't change very much:

Vernacular modifications (such as using the term flat for apartment) were also not a problem according to Whitty. "A few changes were made, but they're universal ones that work in both the UK and the States. We wouldn't use 'flat' for 'apartment' because we don't say that in New York. Sometimes it was a matter of making changes for references that come easily in the States but require a few seconds of processing in the UK — if you're landing a laugh in a song that's moving quickly, you can't afford those few seconds. So we found some happy mediums."

Link to the article

I have tickets to see it there in November, squee!


Jun. 14th, 2006 12:24 pm
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I'm participating in The Quidditch Pitch's fundraiser for Demelza house. Click the banner for more information. :-)

ETA: Though I had originally planned to write one story, I've decided to up that to three. So if you have a request, send it to TQP! It's for a good cause!

Film rec

May. 22nd, 2006 12:29 am
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A few months ago, I signed up for Blockbuster's version of netflix and did a search on "gay" to fill up my queue. So basically, they send me gay-themed films to watch, and most of them I've never heard of.

I just watched the most adorable film I've seen in ages, and I really want to rec it to everyone. It's a romantic comedy about a 30-something man finally realizing he's gay, and it's fantastic! If you love slash, you really should try to get hold of a copy. If you can watch it with other slashers, even better.

Sex, Politics, & Cocktails
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Yay! Checking it Twice is a featured story at The Quidditch Pitch!

And I'm still alive, btw. I've been traveling and really busy!


May. 4th, 2006 11:17 am
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Original editions of the Star Wars films to be released on DVD this fall!!

Proving that fans sometimes win, w00t!

And Han shot first!
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[ profile] slashcast Episode 2 is up!!

On another note: Things heard on Anderson Cooper 360 last night:

Anderson, while petting a Cashmere goat Jeff Corwin had brought on the show: "It's like a sale at Banana Republic!"

Anderson, after watching an ad for the Japanese navy featuring uniformed sailors dancing on a ship: "You know, I could watch that over and over."

I love him. So much. ;-)
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Have just bought two balls of glow-in-the-dark yarn on eBay. *looks shifty*


Apr. 9th, 2006 09:51 pm
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I wish I lived in New York, just so I could go to the Tribeca Film Festival. Movies I really want to see and hope will be released in theaters:

Another Gay Movie: billed as a spoof of teen movies
Boy Culture: apparently about a hustler who gets his life together
Al Franken: God Spoke: because I love Al Franken that much
Driving Lessons: looks a bit like a Harold & Maude thing, starring Rupert Grint. *grins* ETA: And the woman who plays Molly Weasley!! OMG Weasleycest!!! (Adorable and awkward clip here)

And I just got through the Ds. *sigh*


Apr. 6th, 2006 07:24 pm
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I'm really honored to be the featured author this month on [ profile] hd_darkestmagic! You can read my interview by clicking on the image below. :-D

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Hunter and Damon, our adopted porn stars, will be participating in a fundraiser where they will take pictures on disposable cameras and then the undeveloped cameras will be auctioned off for charity. The mods at their fan comm, [ profile] thoseboys, are going to put together a bid so we can try to win one or both of the cameras!

You have to be a member of the comm to see the post, but please come on over for more information and to help win the cameras! (You have to be over 18 to join the comm, I should add.) :-D
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Oh, wow! This is so amazing!! )

On an unrelated note, I dreamed I was at Lumos last night, and I was talking to [ profile] epicyclical and [ profile] sonofdarkness. But you both looked completely different than you do in RL, and I was sitting there the whole time trying to figure out if I should say something or not. Very weird.
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I've been listening to podcasts lately. I have a bit of a commute to work, and I had thought it would be fun to listen to HP fic read-alouds and such along the way -- but it turns out that not many people have done podcasts of their fic. (I've only done the one myself so far.) So instead, I went looking for HP-related podcasts.

I found the two biggest and most popular ones right away: Mugglecast (associated with Mugglenet) and Pottercast (associated with The Leaky Cauldron). I've been listening to both for about a month now (they come out weekly).

So what do I think? Well... )

You know what we need? A slash-oriented podcast. )

ETA: It looks like we might be onto something here. Plans are being made for a slashcast! Stay tuned... .>.>
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Willie Nelson, you are so, SO cool! You make me proud to be a Texan, I swear.

Willie's new song: Cowboys are Secretly Frequently Fond of Each Other (Link opens iTunes)

See Willie talking about it on the local news here. (Check out the grey box on the top left corner of the page.)

I wonder if there'll be a music video? ;-)
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Wow, why didn't I discover Pottercasts sooner? How cool!

Speaking of podcasting, I'm thinking of recording one of my short fics and posting it on [ profile] podslash. But I'm not sure which one I should start with. I want to do something short because I want to make sure I can actually do this before committing to something huge, but should it be porny? Should I pick something that's kind of humorous? I have no idea what sort of podcast (if any) people might be interested in.

Help! Which short fic(s) of mine would you be interested to download as a podcast? If you think this is a really bad idea and would advise me not to do it, feel free to tell me that too...

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