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Jan. 21st, 2007 02:02 pm
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With any luck, this is the last post I'll be making about STG for a while, heh.

The eBook version is now posted here.

One interesting bit of feedback I got the other day was from someone who read STG without noticing that it was a sequel to another story. She said that she didn't have much trouble figuring out what had generally happened in San Francisco, which I thought was pretty interesting. Of course, if you read STG first, you're really spoiled for some of the stuff that happens in LMH, I think. :-P

And that's all, folks!

Edit: By request, I've uploaded art-free eBook versions of both LMH and STG to the page linked above. They're smaller files (which is nice for your pda), and good if you're a bit squeamish about keeping porny art on your computer or PDA. :-)

STG: 16/16

Jan. 20th, 2007 03:28 pm
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Surrender the Grey: Chapter 16 and Epilogue

And that's it! Three years in the making, and it's done. I can't believe it! :-P

The eBook still needs a little more work, but I'll post it tomorrow. Whee!

*pops champagne*

STG: 2/16

Jan. 8th, 2007 07:38 pm
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Surrender the Grey: Chapter 2

The final readthrough is going a little faster than I thought, so I'll just post chapters as I've got 'em ready. :-)
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Main page | Chapter 1

I'm posting the final draft a chapter at a time as I do a final read-through for typos. I posted the Prologue yesterday, and I'll post a chapter a day until it's all done. At the end of that time, I'll have the eBook ready as well. :-)
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This took much longer than I expected, but it's finally finished! I'm going to post the final draft of Surrender the Grey one chapter at a time, as I do a final read-through and convert everything to html. The final version has been organized into 16 chapters, plus a prologue and an epilogue. My plan is to post a chapter a day starting today, (maybe a little faster if I can) until it's all done. There are 16 chapters, plus a prologue and an epilogue. I'm editing the eBook at the same time, so it will be available when the story is fully posted.

Rating: Adult (NC-17) for explicit m/m and m/f sexual description
Summary: Draco Malfoy returns to London after five years of self-imposed exile to start a new life with Harry. But will the secrets of the past destroy everything they’ve worked for?
Length: Novel, ~150,000 words
Sequel to: Left My Heart. Though this stands alone to a certain extent, it will make much more sense if you read LMH first.
Disclaimer: These characters are the property of their respective copyright holders. No copyright violation is intended and no money is being made. Written for entertainment purposes only, and intended for adults only.
Author Notes:
• This is the final version of this story. The first draft was posted as a work-in-progress from March 2 - November 2, 2005. The final draft will be posted January 2007.
• Even though the backstory of this fic only assumes canon up through Order of the Phoenix, I stole a few cool ideas from Half-Blood Prince. Cause they were cooler than mine…
• Thanks to [ profile] jedirita, [ profile] hazelhawthorne, and [ profile] charlotteschaos for betaing the first draft a chapter at a time. Thanks to [ profile] jedirita, [ profile] littlesnitch, [ profile] tipgardner, and [ profile] lusiology for betaing the second draft (and to [ profile] lusiology for Brit-picking as well). HUGE thanks go to all the people who read and commented on the first draft of this story over the eight months that it was written and posted. I can't thank you enough for the support and encouragement!

Start here to read.
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Por que estoy recibiendo tantos comentarios en espanol aqui? Y por que todos los comentarios estan preguntando por STG? Pienso que hay una campana organizada, por que todos los comentarios llegado en el dia pasado. ;-) [ profile] perlita_negra, sabes cualquier cosa sobre esto?

Pienso que debo dar una actualizacion: Despues de escribiendo los fics por holiday exchanges, voy a trabajar en STG. Espero que postear la version final antes de Navidad. Y Perlita recibira la version final antes de la publicacion, y espero que ella lo traduzca tambien. :-) Gracias por la paciencia!

I think I need to give an update on the status of STG. Considering the number of comments I've been getting about it in Spanish in the last 24 hours, I'm starting to think there's an organized campaign to make me feel guilty about it! ;-) When I'm finished writing all of my holiday exchange fics, my plan is to get back to work on the final version. It's close to being done, but I want to go through it a couple more times, with an eye on particular things. I want to have it posted by Christmas. Thanks for the encouragement and patience!

Como se dice "post" en espanol? Gracias!
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Wow. I have just sent the final draft of Surrender the Grey off to beta! I'm hoping to get comments back from them within a month, and my goal is to post the final version September 1.

It was really, really fun to spend a lot of time back in that universe, though. I love those characters so much, and I'm still sort of stunned that other folks liked them as well. I wish I had more stories to tell in that universe, but at this point, I just don't. :-/

But now I can move on to other big fic projects! :-D

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