Nov. 30th, 2006 09:47 pm
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Wow, I did it!

And you know, it wasn't that hard. I guess I have a lot to say, heh. ;-)
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The deadline for signing up for [ profile] btvs_santa is tonight. Gifts aren't due until December 24, so you have some time to work on it. More info here. :-D


Nov. 29th, 2006 05:43 pm
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I've been plagiarized.

Someone called "DracoMalfoy" has posted the first chapter of Left My Heart on a site called "Forever Fandom", word for word. And there doesn't seem to be a way to leave a comment for the author.

I've left a comment for the admin, but I have no idea what else I should do. Suggestions?

ETA: Wow! I emailed the admin and posted this right before I left work, and I just got home to see that it was deleted about 20 minutes after I sent my email. Those admins are on top of things!
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Apparently a woman in Colorado was asked to take down a Christmas wreath shaped like a peace symbol after her neighbors complained. They withdrew their request, apparently after it made the news.

Jensen was ordered to take the wreath down when some residents in her 200-home subdivision saw it as a protest of the Iraq war. Bob Kearns, president of the board, also said some saw it as a symbol of Satan. The homeowners' association demanded Jensen remove the wreath from her house, saying it doesn't allow flags or signs that are considered divisive.

Ignorant asshats. Geesh.

In other news, when did Britney and Paris start dating? I hope expect will be searching for predict there will be RPS. ;-)

ETA: Pics of Britney's snatch here (NWS, duh). Thanks to [ profile] gryfindormia for the link. ;-)


Nov. 27th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Do you ever make typos while you write things out by hand? I never used to do that, but ever since most of my writing has been done electronically (since I haven't been a student for over four years now and don't take notes any more), I noticed that when I do write longhand, I tend to make the same typos I make while typing. Like today I wrote "reaserch", which is a very common typo I make while typing. What the hell? Is my eye so used to seeing it that I just write it that way now? :-P

In other news, I so kick jet lag's ass! Mwahahaha!! :-D
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While eating dinner on Greek Street tonight, I saw two guys walk by the window, arms around each other. One wore glasses and had dark, messy hair, and the other was blond.

I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Oh, and Happy Birthdays to a bunch of folks whose birthdays I missed in the last two weeks: [ profile] novembersnow, [ profile] painless_j, [ profile] cereta, [ profile] wyomingnot, [ profile] hazelhawthorne, [ profile] ccmom, and for today -- [ profile] sesptwd and [ profile] txsybil. :-D


Nov. 25th, 2006 06:54 pm
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Had coffee today with [ profile] elanor_isolda, [ profile] lazy_daze, [ profile] balefully, [ profile] czeri, [ profile] joosetta, [ profile] lizardspots, [ profile] clara_swift (who brought Qui and Obi along, as usual :-D), and [ profile] sue_chose_this. There was much t00bage, and multifandom t00bage at that. It was nice to see all of you again!
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So, what's the stupidest summary you've ever written? You know, maybe it was a long time ago and you didn't know better, or maybe it really sounded like a great summary at the time. Here's mine:

Padawans Obi-Wan and Siri are on a survival exercise together. Guess what happens?

Bet you'll never guess! *gags*
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There is a giant inflatable toilet in Leicester Square right now, and people are climbing up the back and sliding down into the bowl. No, really.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! Enjoy that tryptophan buzz. :-D
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Title: Same Time, Next Year
Author: Emma Grant
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Pairing: Buffy/Angel, mentions of others
Summary: Angel goes to San Francisco after Cordelia has a vision that Buffy is in danger there, but he finds more trouble than he'd bargained for. (Set after the end of BtVS S4 and AtS S1, just after Restless and To Shanshu in LA.)
Rating: Adult for explicit m/f sex
Length: ~8600 words
• Written for the 2006 IWRY Ficathon.
• I'm writing this without having finished watching either series or having read much fic, so obviously, this is my first venture into this fandom. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
• If you've read Left My Heart, you'll recognize some of the locations used in the story.
• Huge thanks go to [ profile] dorrie6 and [ profile] vichan for their very helpful comments on an earlier draft.

You trust me, right? )

Alternate links: Skyehawke || IRWY site

Comments are greatly appreciated, as always. :-)
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I'm usually pretty philosophical about the HP films, because they're just adaptations of the books. They are never going to contain everything in the books, not even everything that fans think is important. I was rolling my eyes when fen were complaining about the color of Hermione's dress in GOF, because that wasn't a story-changing detail. There were other things to say about Hermione's "transformation" in the film that had really big implications for Hermione as a character, but no -- it was all about the pink dress.

But I have to admit that I'm just as WTF as everyone else is about this one: OOTP spoilers here. )

It's not going to stop me from seeing the film at midnight on opening night, though, and it won't stop me from loving it. This won't be the only thing they'll change, and it probably won't be the worst. In the end, the films are just an interpretation of the books, just like our fanfic is an interpretation and extension of the books -- and one that I'm sure plenty of people would disagree with even more vehemently. Of course, I don't make all the money the filmmakers do...

And along those lines, I had an interesting conversation with MDH over the weekend about the HP films. His favorite film of them all is the first one, and he hates the POA film. POA is my favorite of the four, and I'm not sure which of the two first films is my least favorite. But I think our difference of opinion is partly due to the fact that he hasn't read the books. His experience of watching the films is completely different from mine as a result. Where I finally saw characterization and heart starting with the POA film, he saw the series go from being about magic and fantasy to being too realistic and too much about teen angst. He sees the plasticine acting and technicolor world in the first two films as something really wonderful, where I see it as a whitewashing of the very souls of those books. Hey, I can be biased in my own LJ... ;-)
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I have a lot of writing to do in the next week. I sent off my IWRY fic last night (yay, first ever BtVS fic!) and have made significant progress on my [ profile] smutty_claus fic. My fics for [ profile] merry_smutmas and [ profile] hd_holidays have been outlined and are ready to be written. Extensions have been requested. And best of all, I seem to have slammed through my writer's block by sheer will. I think I'm going to make it!

I spent a little time last night playing with my web site. I added a page for BtVS here, with links to my Buffy Diaries posts and a space for my IWRY fic, which should be posted Wednesday. *is excited*

I also found some cool fonts for BtVS and HP that I'm using on my web site in graphics. Examples:

Harry Potter font here.

Buffy font here.

Cool, huh? :-D

Edit: Thanks to [ profile] hominysnark for pointing me to this Angel font.
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Went to see Happy Feet today, basically just to see The Trailer. MDH took great delight in telling the ticket-taker and the guy who sold us popcorn that we were basically just there so I could see it. They gave me appropriately odd looks, but I didn't care. ;-)

Everyone and their brother has now seen one of the bootlegs of it, I'm sure, but I still wanted to see it on the big screen for myself. And it was awesome! OMG occlumency! And Sirius! And the DA! And the kiss! And Bellatrix!! I can't wait!! :-D

Happy Feet was a lot better than I expected. Spoilers... )

But back to HP. You know, I've seen a couple of posts lately about how the HP fandom is apparently dying. To which I have to say, Bzuh? I look at all the fic and all the HP-related posts on my flist, and I can only wonder what the people who are saying that are looking at. But then, as Qui-Gon said, your focus determines your reality. ;-)
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Por que estoy recibiendo tantos comentarios en espanol aqui? Y por que todos los comentarios estan preguntando por STG? Pienso que hay una campana organizada, por que todos los comentarios llegado en el dia pasado. ;-) [ profile] perlita_negra, sabes cualquier cosa sobre esto?

Pienso que debo dar una actualizacion: Despues de escribiendo los fics por holiday exchanges, voy a trabajar en STG. Espero que postear la version final antes de Navidad. Y Perlita recibira la version final antes de la publicacion, y espero que ella lo traduzca tambien. :-) Gracias por la paciencia!

I think I need to give an update on the status of STG. Considering the number of comments I've been getting about it in Spanish in the last 24 hours, I'm starting to think there's an organized campaign to make me feel guilty about it! ;-) When I'm finished writing all of my holiday exchange fics, my plan is to get back to work on the final version. It's close to being done, but I want to go through it a couple more times, with an eye on particular things. I want to have it posted by Christmas. Thanks for the encouragement and patience!

Como se dice "post" en espanol? Gracias!


Nov. 17th, 2006 12:39 am
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Dear god. I need me some Matthew McConnaughey/Stephen Colbert fic. STAT.


Nov. 16th, 2006 08:01 am
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Every year, without fail, I give myself far too much to do during the holiday season. I have done this my entire life, from taking on directing the school play during finals week to deciding on December 15 that I would hand-knit all of my holiday gifts. At least this year, I did it earlier.

I figure that if I do nothing in my spare time for the next week and a half but work on the FOUR holiday exchange fics I owe (only one of which I've started writing), I have a chance of getting them done on time. But in reality, I'm probably going to have to ask for extensions on a couple of them. I've never had to drop out of these things yet, and I don't plan to start now. It just means it will be December before I can finish watching Buffy and Angel, or catch up on Supernatural, or even think about reading any fanfic. And I'm now shooting for Christmas to have the STG revision done. :-/

Oh, and House and Bones? I so do not need new fandoms right now. Plz to stop being so obsession-worthy. :-P

On a completely unrelated note, this book looks like a fun (albeit cringeworthy) read: Why Mommy is a Democrat. Hee!


Nov. 15th, 2006 09:01 pm
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I really love this show. I started watching for the David Boreanaz eye candy, and then I stayed for the characters. )

For reference: [ profile] david_b_daily, [ profile] bones_theseries, [ profile] bones_slash, [ profile] bones_icons, [ profile] bonesfic, [ profile] naughty_bones, [ profile] bones_tvseries, [ profile] bones_graphics, [ profile] 206_bones (which has a huge list of Bones-related LJ comms here)

ETA: David and Emily get a little naughty here. I don't get the pretzel thing, though. ;-)

And on a different note entirely, OJ Simpson is doing a big interview called If I Did It, in which he talks about how he would have hypothetically murdered his wife and her friend. Hypothetically, so wink, nudge, and all that. WTF?
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If you listened to the interview with Henry Jenkins on [ profile] slashcast, you know he talked about writing Scrooge/Marley slash. Last night he posted excerpts of it on his blog here. :-D
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I like to browse wikiHow, because there are truly some crazy things on there. However, I just found an entry called How to Write a Fanfiction, and... it needs some work. I don't know the folks who wrote it (their names are at the bottom of the page), but I'm guessing it's either a joke or was written by someone who hasn't got a clue what fandom is all about. This has to be the most unhelpful advice about writing ever:

1. Think of the movie, book, TV show, cartoon, or other source you would like to use characters from.
2. Devise a plot and a setting, and any possible extra characters of your imagination that you might wish to add.
3. Jot down your plot somewhere so you don't forget what you're writing about.
4. Begin to write your story in the most descriptive, attractive, and most appealing way possible.
5. After you are done with sections of your story or your entire story, revise and proofread your story to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errorss [sic, LOL].
6. Publish your work, if you can. You can get free membership to pubish [sic] fanfiction on or at More adult fan fiction can be submitted to

It may be that wikiHelp has some sort of severe word limit, but come on -- we can do better than this, can't we? There's no mention of beta readers, or of the value of being part of a fannish community and reading others' work, or anything about different kinds of fics you can write, or challenges that can be a great place to get story ideas. It makes it sound like the only fanfic that exists is chaptered WIPs on FFN.

Or am I wrong? If you were a total newbie and wanted to get started writing fanfic, would you find this helpful?
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I spent more than 12 hours yesterday doing something I'd meant to do for a long time, but somehow had never done: watching all six Star Wars movies on the same day. Cinemax has been playing them on a loop all weekend, so I started yesterday morning with ROTJ, and ended after midnight with ESB. And then got up again this morning and put the TV back on Cinemax to keep watching.

And wow, it was really, really interesting. There are so many things I now see in the OT films that look different after watching the prequels. For example: Vader's search for Luke in ESB. Why does he go after Luke's friends to lure him into a trap? He knows Luke was being trained by Obi-Wan, and for all he knows, Luke was raised by Obi in the old traditions and wouldn't have attachments to others. I'd like to think Vader was thinking of himself there -- the best way for someone to lure him into a trap would have been to go after Padme. And that's why he tortures Han, because he knows Luke will respond to seeing his friends suffer. That was exactly how Palpatine seduced Anakin, after all -- by tormenting him with fears that Padme would suffer and die. It worked for Anakin, so it seems to be a reasonable assumption that it would work for Luke. (And more than a little slashy, even though I've never really been into Han/Luke so much.)

It's also interesting how emo I get watching these films. There are so many moments that make me cry, even though I know them well enough to recite the dialogue along with the actors. When Anakin slaughters the children at the Temple, when Order 66 starts, and when Luke reaches out to Leia through the Force (in ESB), I get choked up. I get chills when Yoda says, "Your father he is" in ROTJ, and when Obi-Wan says, "Anakin is the father, isn't he?" in ROTS. I'm on the edge of my seat during all the lightsaber battles (especially in the prequels because they're so damn good), and I cheer every time the good guys win the battle. And I think ROTS is my favorite of the six, I really do. Maybe it's because it brings the whole story together, or maybe because it's so fucking angsty -- but I love it. I love how it shows us that Anakin really did become a Jedi, and that he wasn't easy to turn, but that in the end he did it for what he thought were the right reasons. And knowing that it will be Luke who redeems him someday, who will truly be the "chosen one" who will fulfill that prophecy that Anakin never could -- that makes it an amazing story. Edit: Just watched the scene at the end of ROTJ where Vader kills Palpatine, and wow -- that scene is SO much more powerful now, after knowing Anakin's story. It's somehow all the more meaningful now.

And you know, I can no longer watch that scene at the end of ROTJ, where Vader/Anakin dies, without thinking of this scene from Chasing Amy.

And while I'm at it, here's a hilarious video of Kevin Smith at Comic-Con. In the first few minutes, he slashes Spiderman, and it gets better from there. "Are you willing to suck cock for your dreams? We all gotta start somewhere. You could start on your knees."

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