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1. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today cleaning out and reorganizing BG's playroom. It had become a space that we just shoved toys into and shut the door, and he hasn't been able to use it as a play space much at all in recent months. Part of the problem was that the room was dominated by a train table that he hasn't really used in years, and it was covered with toys that needed to be put away. Hell, the entire FLOOR was covered with toys that needed putting away. You could barely walk in there. But I spent a good 8-10 hours on it over the weekend, and it's now an open space he can play in. We ended up keeping all the train stuff, ironically enough: once we got the table out of the room and cleared the floor, one of the first things BG wanted to do was set up an elaborate network of train tracks. I realized that the table had limited his train play, rather than given him a space for it. Anyway, he's been happily playing with trains and legos for hours now, and it's amazing. Tomorrow I'm making a trip to IKEA for a few more things I need to finish the organization, and then I'll post pictures. :-)

2. We went to our favorite local ramen joint for lunch today for the first time in months, and OH SO GOOD. BG ate an entire adult portion. It was insane. I don't have a clue where he put it.

3. The cats continue to have territorial standoffs, but it's slowly getting better. The new cat (Plum) is not allowed in the bedroom at night, which gives the old cat (Lucy) a chance to cuddle in peace. During the day, Lucy sleeps somewhere and only emerges to eat, while Plum follows us around and plays and is generally entertaining. So it's kind of like we have a night cat and a day cat!

Plum is actually really sweet and cuddly when Lucy isn't around.
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