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People are going to start thinking I've left the HP fandom at this rate. I haven't, btw -- I'm working on a H/D fic at the moment, something that's actually been one of the hardest fics I've written in a while. Between episodes of Buffy and Angel, yes. But when you have writer's block, it's so much easier to pop in a DVD...

Buffy Diaries + Angel, S6/S3 Episodes 9-13 )

AtS: Lullaby )

BtVS: Smashed )

AtS: Dad )

BtVS: Wrecked )

AtS: Birthday )

BtVS: Gone )

AtS: Provider )

BtVS: Doublemeat Palace )

AtS: Waiting in the Wings )

BtVS: Dead Things )
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Did anyone else suddenly lose their layout yesterday? That was annoying, and it's still not quite back to where I want it.

Buffy Diaries + Angel, S6/S3 Episodes 1-6 )

BtVS: Bargaining )

AtS: Heart Throb )

AtS: That Vision-Thing )

AtS: That Old Gang of Mine )

BtVS: After Life )

AtS: Carpe Noctem )

BtVS: Flooded )

AtS: Fredless )

BtVS: Life Serial )

AtS: Billy )

BtVS: All the Way )
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Sorry if all the Buffy posts are boring some of you! With the start of school and the culmination of my usual summer procrastination, I've been swamped at work and left with little energy to do much at night but sit in front of the TV and watch DVDs. Really addictive, fun, obsession-inducing DVDs... I'll be more active when I get into the school routine again, I promise. I'm working on a H/D fic that I'm really excited about, and I hope to make some progress on it this weekend. :-D

Buffy Diaries, S3 Episodes 9-15 )

BtVS: The Wish )

BtVS: Amends )

BtVS: Gingerbread )

BtVS: Helpless )

BtVS: The Zeppo )

BtVS: Bad Girls )

BtVS: Consequences )
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Have just watched BTVS S2 Ep 3. OMFG SPIKE ajksh;gahoffkn;sdasjf!!!11!!1!

That is all.

Oh, and I need a Buffy icon. Help?

ETA: Thanks!

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