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1. Finally decided to take control of my fandom fatigue and create a new sorta-secret Tumblr account. I have no idea yet how much I'll use it, but the idea is to create a sort of "filtered" dash of blogs that make me happy.  I will probably mostly be reblogging stuff there, but maybe I will work up the nerve to have an opinion under a name that isn't directly connected with me. :-P

2. BG's playdate yesterday afternoon was a success. He had so much fun having a friend over and can't wait to do it again. We have this huge house and big yard and tons of toys and a trampline and a swimming pool and a movie room, and basically could entertain kids for years. I really need to get off my anti-social introverted ass and invite people over more often.

3. I went to a neighborhood knitting meet-up yesterday, and actually had fun! Oh, and one of the women in the group is in the Sherlock fandom, whihc blew my mind! She is mostly active on Ravelry, and I didn't tell her my fandom identity, but still, it was cool to be able to talk to someone about fandom in that context. :-)
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